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Direct RE, LLC

Direct RE, LLC

Direct RE- Real Estate Information and Service when you want it
Direct RE is a Wholesale Real Estate Company and we make buying and selling real estate easy and enjoyable, the way it should be. Whether you are looking to find a new home, sell on your terms or discuss financing options; Direct RE will go to work for you.
Locating, selling and qualifying just got easier.

We are a true one stop shop.
We use a number of very unique and traditional methods and have helped thousands of customers find, sell or qualify for their properties.

Direct RE will help you with your navigation of the website searches and put you in touch with one of our home buying expert advisors to find you a property in your area. The benefit to you is that you see great homes at great prices to get a great deal, without having to fight off a hoard of other buyers to get it.

Our partner agents have access to our new digital technologies that will grab your audience’s attention using the most powerful channels available today. Our customers experience impressive results as we connect with potential buyers in ways you could not before.
Direct RE actively assists in finding your potential buyers by helping thousands of customers find their dream home…Like your listing!

Our lending partners take lending to the next level. Buyers have a lot to consider when looking for a property. We want to alleviate the uncertainty of searching for the right mortgage.
You can speak with one of our financial experts that can help you get pre-approved or if necessary take a look at possibly improving your credit profile. We have been in financial businesses for over 20 years.